Buy Medical Marijuana Online

Buy Medical Marijuana Online


Buy medical marijuana online with more and more states legalizing marijuana. It would not be surprising to know that people are buying more cannabis than ever before. However, it can be surprising to know what is happening online. Buy medical marijuana online

A new study looked at how many sales of marijuana online are being made. The researchers looked at Google’s search results in the US from January 2005 to June 2017 for everything from marijuana to marijuana. They found that the results of the search for marijuana purchase had increased by more than 100%. % more than other searches. With the exception of two countries, there were more marijuana studies in each month of the study. Last June, 2.4 million people bought cannabis in the United States. Buy medical marijuana online,

Of course, these are not good news for states. Although many states have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes, none of them allows online cannabis purchases. This is mainly due to the fact that it would be much harder for them to levy taxes, and as a result, online shopping would reduce the revenue they could achieve.

Buy medical marijuana online
Buy medical marijuana online

But could not it be so bad? Since 2005, many states legalize marijuana for medical purposes and many others allow the sale of recreational activities. So it makes no sense that the results of the search for the purchase of marijuana are rising because customers are looking for information on the possible purchase of legal marijuana. Buy medical marijuana online, buy legal marijuana online,

Researchers in the study seem to believe that this increase in sales is leading to more and more people illegally buying cannabis on the black market, but this may not necessarily be the case. It could just be more people trying to find out. Sure, there are probably more people buying marijuana online, but that does not mean it’s much worse than a street vendor.

The Latest Trend in Online Shopping: Marijuana

We are obsessed with buying everything you need online. Art supplies Diapers for vitamins for adults. All at your door in an anonymous box and without having to look away from the cash register.

Apparently, marijuana is no exception: Americans buy weeds online.

This news comes from a study published today in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. This is the first time anyone has been analyzing online marijuana sales, doing research online and generating links.

The research team has begun to study the online purchases of Americans – where else? – with Google. In particular, they examined the research queries on the platform from January 2005 to June 2017, with the exception of the six less populated American states. Buy medical marijuana online,

First, they have isolated all search queries, including terms such as “marijuana” and “grass” in combination with “purchase”, “shop” or “order”. In this list, search queries that were clearly foreign or thematic were removed, for example, “Order Herbicides”. This left them with the 12 terms they wanted to do: buy marijuana online.
Then they looked at how many times each person looked for these conditions. They found out that in the 12 years they studied, search queries bought on the Internet increased by 199% compared to all Internet searches. In June 2017, numbers rose to 2.4 million a month. Buy marijuana online,

Research has not limited itself to specific regions of the country – with the exception of two states that have analyzed researchers, they have observed an increasing number of searches every month.

The intrepid team wanted to know not only the total number of search results but also where the list of terms would display them on the Internet. You know, for research. Buy marijuana online,

In July 2017, they typed each of their default keywords into Google, typed “Search” and analyzed the links on the first two pages. 41% of these links were mail order retailers. For two-thirds of searches, the first link led to this retailer.

Their conclusion

People aren’t just looking for grass on the Internet. You will find it.

This would not be a problem if the purchase of grass were the same. Like buying shoes or electronic devices. Although nine states and Washington DC Now that recreational use of marijuana allows, no one allows its online sale. Buy medical marijuana online,

Buying online may be cheaper, but there are good reasons why it is prohibited. When people shop online, states risk losing the greatest financial benefits of legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes: taxes.

More importantly, determining who buys grass is more difficult. In states where marijuana is legal, buyers must be at least 21 years old, and those below this limit are much easier to say that they are online and not personal.
The study authors said in a press release that public health officials should intervene to prevent such sales, for example, by convincing Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to remove mail from search engines.

Of course, adolescents would not bother buying herbs if they were determined to get it. But as the US softens marijuana laws, the country needs to take precautions to protect the drug at the hands of people who should not. It seems that marijuana mailing is a good start.

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