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The Hindu Kush mountains are a beautiful landscape in Afghanistan. Although many conflicts have occurred in the region in recent years, they have been linked to some of the best cannabis strains in the world. The river Kush, named after these mountains, has a rich history to explore. Order Hindu Kush Online | Buy OG Kush Online

The Hindu Kush Mountains are the westernmost region of the Himalayas. This is one of the most extraordinary mountains in the world. They are also among the most dangerous before they enter the long war history of the region. Alexander the Great explored these summits. Today, the US military is still stationed there.

These mountains have experienced moments of relative peace. Until the difficult times of the Soviet invasion and Islamic totalitarianism, Afghanistan was a country of complete modernization that welcomed the visitors. Especially in the 60s and 70s, it was known that tourists explored this area for a reason. Cannabis plants have been growing wild for centuries. They were counted among the best in the world. When their seeds were discovered, they were transported all over the world and then replaced for all of our cannabis.


If you’ve ever had a Kush variety, you know it’s a reliable quality product. The Kush tribes bear the name of the mountains from which their land comes. The mountains themselves have an incomprehensible name. “Hindu” is the corruption of the Indus, which the West later called India. However, the word “Kush” has an indefinite and very controversial origin. In today’s world, Kush is synonymous with high-quality cannabis. Plant genetics has had to thrive for thousands of years in the Hindu Kush mountains. They often pushed on slopes difficult to reach, sheltered from many dangers and at a height slightly closer to the sun. combined with the fertile soil of the region, the terroir was ideal for growing cannabis.
Order Hindu Kush Online | Buy OG Kush Online


Visitors to the Hindu Kush as smuggled the seeds of these plants throughout the world. Kush trunks appeared, often in combination with other trunks, for the production of a number of hybrids. Kush varieties continued to be popular. The lyrics and even the song titles refer to cannabis as a jackpot and reflect the refined taste of cannabis. There are so many attributes that make Kush functions attractive. A clear jackpot is an indica plant with euphoric effects that relax the body and often make it sleep. It also works wonders for pain relief and provides a powerful level of impressive THC content.

Order Hindu Kush Online | Buy OG Kush Online

Orange hair and trichomes of glaze cover the thick buds of a light green color. This is a good sign if the heads are so resinous that they feel sticky. This means that probably a lot of THC is stored in trichomes. Perhaps the most recognizable aspect of Cush is this undeniable fragrance. As if you were taken to the mountains where they came from, it smelled strongly of pines. The smell is especially spicy and earthy with many notes of spices, sandalwood, and herbs. This makes the Kush version even more magnificent. It can be sensual if you combine this taste with another tasty variety. Kush began his style and laid the foundation for a legacy of consistent classic hybrids.


OG Kush is the original gangster because he really launched this global desire for Kush. Although OG actually represents the ocean that has developed, this indicates the incredible California terroir for the cultivation of high-quality cannabis. From there, many popular varieties have gained recognition all over the world. OG Kush is a strong and iconic contributor with a good amount of CBD that integrates THC. You will always have lush green heads with a relaxing and swollen effect. This makes it ideal for relieving pain, stress, and anxiety. There is also a lemon-lemon shade that enhances the classic profile of Kush.

Order Hindu Kush Online | Buy OG Kush Online
Order Hindu Kush Online | Buy OG Kush Online




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